Monday, July 16, 2018


Furniture Pads/Blankets

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  1. Standard Grade Quilted Pad - Dark Blue

    Furniture Pad - Quilted (Standard)

    Ideal pad for moving or storing large and bulky items.

    Protects against scratches and knocks during transit or storage.

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  2. Furniture Pad - Quilted (Heavy Duty)

    Furniture Pad - Quilted (Heavy Duty)

    The ultimate protection during transit.

    Protects against knocks and scratches.

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  3. Furniture Pad - Burlap

    Furniture Pad - Burlap

    Lightweight pad with polycotton outer.

    Ideal for use during storage or local transit.

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  4. Furniture Pad - International

    Furniture Pad - International

    Lightweight pad - ideal for use during storage.

    Protects against dirt, dust and scratches.

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4 Item(s)