Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Customised Solutions

Impact & Visibility = Identity & Sales

Be an individual – and stand out to your potential customers.

Boxes can be customised to suit functionality and your business needs. How a box appears depends entirely on your budget.

You can have your own branded box, or even your own special sized box for a minimum order of as little as 500 boxes.*

Any box in the Visy Boxes & More range can be customised to suit you and your business, or you can create a box size just for you.

Customising a Box in the Visy Boxes & More Range

Any of the boxes in the Visy Boxes & More range can be customised. Customised options include:

Cardboard Colour
Boxes are made from both virgin and recycled materials, thus the standard colour of a box can vary from a light brown to dark brown colour. However if you require your box to have a white outer layer this can be arranged at an extra charge per box.

Your Own Branding & Design
Create impact and make yourself visible to potential customers by branding the outside of the box.

Use your own designer or work with Visy Boxes & More to develop your box’s design.

During the manufacturing process, your design is created on your box using stereos. Unlike many printing processes, this is not a digital printing process. Instead stereos are solid printing plates that are similar to a rubber stamp. Like a rubber stamp, when printing, the parts that will imprint the box are raised. Each colour of your artwork will have a separate plate, and will be stamped separately during the manufacturing process. Under this manufacturing process, some of your artwork may be adjusted by the manufacturer when developing your stereo. Common changes are:

• Small symbols may be enlarged. If a symbol is too small, the ink may run together and make the symbol indistinguishable. This applies in particular to symbols such as © ® ™
• Thin lines may be thickened
• Outside margins may be brought in

The cost of creating the artwork for your box will depend on the number of colours required and the complexity of the artwork. Please register to be a member of our website to gain access to some of the common box templates.

A once off stereo charge will apply on all artwork/designs. This will be included with the quotation. (Subsequent changes to artwork may incur extra charges)


Cut out pieces
For functionality your box may need special cut out pieces such as hand holds or space for hanging rails.

As these require a special cutting tool to be developed, there may be extra charges. Any charges will be quoted along with your individual box price.

If you require these on your box, please provide a drawing of where the holes need to be and the size of the hole.

Create your own Box
Visy Boxes & More can customise a box size to suit your needs.

The thickness and strength of the cardboard (board grade) used to make the box is determined by what you will be putting in the box. Also, boxes are measured via their internal dimensions. Therefore there’s a few things to consider when developing your own box. Your Visy Boxes & More representative will need to know this information when you request a new box.
1. Dimensions of the items that will placed in the box?
2. Are there any fragile items that will be going in the box?
3. Will the items need to be wrapped in protective packaging first, and/or will a layer of protective packaging need to go in the bottom and top of the box?
4. Do any of the items in the box need to stand upright at all times?
5. What is the weight of the items to be packed in the box? And what is an estimate of the total weight of the box when fully packed?
6. How is the box going to be handled or transported?
- Packed in an assembly line, stacked on a pallet, then shipped via truck.
- Sent via Australia Post/Courier.
- Hand packed then personal vehicle.

The type of cardboard used is also determined by where the boxes will be stored, in particular if the box is going to be stored in cool storage. Things to consider are:
1. How long will the packed box be stored? And in what sort of Storage facility?
- 3 months in cold storage.
- Up to 12 months in Self Storage Unit.
- No storage.

Note: This will also determine the best type of tape to use on the box.

Box Type
There are a number of different types of boxes that can be manufactured.

Standard Boxes
This is the most common type of box used. These type of boxes have flaps at the top and flaps at the bottom. The flaps fold in to meet in the middle of the box ready for taping.

To determine the size of the Standard Box you need, calculate the size of items you are going to be placing in the box, plus any packaging to go around the goods. From this you can determine the internal dimensions the box needs to be.
- Length: 500mm
- Width: 420mm
- Height: 600mm

Telescopic – Height Adjustable Box
These boxes comprise of two parts - a lid and base.
The lid is always slightly larger than the base, so that it slips down over the base. Use these boxes when you have goods that will vary in height (Eg. Paintings, bottles)

To determine these sizes you will need to determine the minimum and maximum heights of any goods that will be packed into the box. Remember to include extra height if the goods are to be wrapped in any protective packaging such as foam, bubble or tissue.
- Minimum height: 450mm
- Maximum height: 700mm

Length and width of a telescopic box are determined based on the dimensions required for the Base section of the box.
- Base box Length required: 500mm
- Base box Width required: 480mm

The manufacturer will determine the length and width of the lid based on the type cardboard used.

Non Standard Boxes
A forme cut box is any box that has to be made using a template that requires cutting: Eg. Single fold boxes such as the archive box; Shoe boxes or boxes with fold down lids. Even a Port A Robe is a Forme Cut box because of the fold down flap at the front.

To quote on a forme cut box please provide either a sample of the box or a schematic diagram of the box you require (including all measurements)

Please note: There is often a large one off cost to create the cutting forme needed to create these boxes. This will be quoted along with your individual box price.

* Minimum quantities will depend on the size and style of the box, plus the type of cardboard used. Visy Boxes and More will provide the minimum quantities to you at the time of quotation.