About Custom Boxes

Struggling to navigate the world of custom boxes? Look no further. We have included as much information below to answer all your questions about custom box solutions and streamline your online ordering process.

How much does a custom box cost? 

The price of custom boxes is impacted by a lot of different variables, which means our team would need to provide a formal quote to confirm the unit price of the box you’d like. These variables can be many different things, including (but not limited to) the below: 

  • The internal dimensions of the carton.
  • The style of carton requested.
  • The Board Grade (thickness) of Cardboard to be used.
  • If the carton is to be printed on, or if it will remain plain.
  • The quantity of cartons you would like to order. 

To make the quoting process as simple and easy as possible, you can check out our Box Calculator which will take your specifications and provide a quote on the spot. You can then add the product to your Cart and follow the checkout process. 

Sometimes the Box you would like a quote for is a size or shape that can’t be selected on the Box Calculator. You may also be looking to order quantities larger than 500 QTY. In these cases, please Contact Us and our team can assist you with a quote. 

Do you have minimum order quantities for custom products? 

We have several manufacturing processes to suit your order and budget requirements. To provide economic prices across our range of products our minimum order quantity is always specified on the product page.   

We prefer to work with you to decide the most cost-effective way we can deliver your product. Pricing breaks and manufacturing capability is determined by volume with wholesale quantities considered to be over 500 QTY. 

Do you provide product samples?  

For wholesale inquiries, we provide a sample service. Once our quotation is accepted, we will provide you with a product sample to approve prior to manufacture.   

Will I have to pay for any set-up costs?  

With any new packaging designs there are set-up costs that need to be considered. We will provide you with costings on your product quotation.  

How much time should I allow for quoting? 

In most cases we can prepare a quote for you within 24 to 48 hours. Our Sales Representatives will manage this process on your behalf, so we get all the information we need to get you an accurate quote as fast as possible.  If your product design is more complex, our in-house Designers are available to develop unique solutions for your packaging requirements, and we can submit design proposals to you within 3-4 days. If any changes are required the product development cycle restarts. 

What type of cardboard do you use? 

We manufacture in corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is made up of three layers of paper that includes an inside liner, an outside liner, and a fluting medium (which is the ruffled shape between the two). For online custom boxes, we offer 6 standard cardboard grades in brown or white outside single wall, medium wall, double wall. We have many additional corrugated cardboard grades available for wholesale orders pending your packaging requirements. 


What is the lead time to manufacture a box?  

A lead time is a time between the initiation and completion of a production process. Lead-times are based on the size and scale of the project and the execution timelines. 

We operate to an average of 10-15 working days lead-time from product acceptance on packaging. Please allow an additional 2-3 days for new and first time ordered products to be fully processed in our system.

If the new product is custom printed, please allow additional lead time for Artwork Proof creation and approval as well as production of the printing plate. If the new product is die-cut, please allow additional lead time for Sample approval as well as production of the cutting knife. 

Why does the Box Calculator pricing only go up to 15 bundles?  

The online Box Calculator is designed to provide economic pricing for short run quantities in 5 standard styles and 6 standard board grades. Being a leading Australian owned and operated cardboard packaging manufacturer, we can provide quotes for wholesale quantities. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements with our Sales Team.  

Why does the Box Calculator have a minimum and maximum dimensions?  

Due to the complex nature of cardboard packaging, some dimensions you may require cannot be manufactured. Being a leading Australian owned and operated cardboard packaging manufacturer, we can advise and provide quotes for custom designs and dimensions. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements with our Sales Team.   

How are your boxes printed? 

We have several printing types available throughout our Visy group of companies including:

  • digital print
  • flexographic print
  • high quality flexographic print
  • lithographic print
  • and pre-print

For orders placed online using our custom box tool in short run quantities we utilise digital printing. Please see Print Specifications for more details. Digital print cannot print white, metallic, or inks other than standard CMYK. Digital print is direct inkjet onto the corrugated cardboard surface, which has a matte finish. We do not offer gloss varnish options for our digital print. If you require complex printing with premium print finishes, please contact our Sales team to discuss alternative printing options. 

For wholesale quantities, we can provide quotes uses the other printing types available pending the details of the custom box and quantities required. Please contact our Sales team to discuss alternative printing options. 

Do you offer proofs before the box goes into production? 

An Artwork Proof for all printing types is provided for approval before an order can be processed. Artwork Proofs for all printing processes generally will take 1-2 business days per proof. Any alterations to the artwork proof will require an additional 1-2 days per alteration. If an Artwork Proof has been prepared for your approval and your order is cancelled, then any applicable artwork fees are non-refundable.  

How do you get my branding and graphic design onto my packaging or display?  

For all printing processes, we will provide a dieline of your box so artwork can be prepared. For products being developed with your Account Managers, they will be sharing the dielines with you throughout the quoting process. You should be preparing your artwork in the background to ensure it is completed when you are ready to proceed. For online orders, you will recieve the custom dieline within 1-2 business days of placing your online order. 

There may be applicable set up fees for preparation of Artwork Proofs to ensure the artwork you have provided is press ready. These generally do not include any graphic design services. We can recommend graphic design services if you require artwork to be developed for your packaging. 

Where do I upload my artwork? 

We currently do not allow Artwork to be uploaded during checkout. Customer Service will email you within 1-2 business days with our Printing Specifications and the custom box die-line (for your art or logo) once your order has been placed. Please follow these guidelines for artwork preparation. 

What file formats do you accept? 

We work with the following file formats to ensure the highest standards: 

  • Adobe Illustrator CC or earlier.
  • Adobe InDesign CC or earlier.
  • Adobe Photoshop CC or earlier.
  • Acrobat PDF file (HighRes 1.8) (fonts outlined or supplied) 

Please Note: CS6 or Cloud will be converted back to CS5 

Preferred File Formats 

  • Illustrator .eps or .ai file (vector) with all fonts outlined or supplied with its font suitcase and all images linked NOT embedded in packaged file.
  • Adobe InDesign document with all picture files and fonts included. 

Please Note: We do not accept any artwork supplied as either Word or PowerPoint.