Our Sustainability

As part of the Visy family, at Visy Boxes & More, sustainability sits at the centre of our operating model – from the way we deliver innovative packaging solutions, to the way we partner with our people and communities, our focus on reducing our environmental impacts and our commitment to running a responsible business. 

As Australia and New Zealand’s largest integrated business that links recycling and manufacturing at scale, Visy is an integral partner to our customers. We help you work towards your own sustainability targets, while making a significant contribution to sustainability for the wider community. 


thinking and acting for the long term today.

At Visy we believe we are more than just what we make. We’re committed advocates on some of the bigger issues that make a difference to us, our customers and our communities. From pushing for more sustainable manufacturing approaches to creating better economic futures for regional communities. We champion policies for government and business and acknowledge the role we can play in addressing global challenges.

Together, these efforts support our vision to be the global leader in creating sustainable packaging solutions for a better world.

Our Environmentally Friendly Packaging 

Explore a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly packaging solutions from our collection including: 

  • Our sustainable corrugated cardboard boxes, certified by Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), are part of a closed-loop system, promoting a circular economy.  
  • Visy Enviropunnets™ are made from recycled corrugated cardboard, and offer fully recyclable, reusable, and cost-effective fruit and product packaging options with various features like manual or automated solutions, and premium print choices.  
  • Our Paper bags present an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, boasting biodegradability, reusability, and recyclability, aligning with both sustainability and practicality. 
  • Our Biodegradable & Shredded Void Fills ensure delicate items reach their destination undamaged. Make the switch to our Shredded Void Fill today and experience the perfect blend of sustainability, strength, and convenience for all your packaging needs. 
  • Honeycomb Padded Mailer Envelopes made from kraft honeycomb paper provide cost-effective and eco-friendly shipping, with a tamper-evident closure and FSC certification. 
  • Cardboard pallets with comparable load capacities to wooden alternatives, offer an environmentally conscious export solution. 
  • Our Honeycomb Protective Paper Rolls suitable for various industries, ensure superior protection during transit or storage, eliminating the need for tape and providing a residue-free experience.  
  • Crafted with care and commitment to the environment, our Paper Tape is 100% recyclable, ensuring that your packaging practices align with your eco-conscious values. 
  • Embrace sustainable practices with our recycled content glass including the Re+ Glass bottles and Australia's first 100% recycled water bottle.  
  • Our food-grade rPET and rHDPE can be utilised to produce various new plastic packaging. Affix the Re+ logo to highlight your commitment to environmentally friendly packaging. 

Progress towards the APCO 2025 National Packaging Targets and the 10 Sustainable Packaging Principles 

When designing packaging we consider the whole life cycle of the product and design for minimal environmental impact. Packaging design considerations include material optimisation, manufacturing, efficient logistics, aesthetics, fit for purpose, recycled content and the ability for the product to be recycled.