Pallet Wrap Machine - Automatic

SKU#: ZINQ_000021

Anyone who has ever wrapped a pallet with stretch wrap knows that it can be tedious. What if we told you there's a machine to do the hard work for you? Our Pallet Wrap Machine - Automatic is designed to save time and effort, so your employees can focus on more important tasks.

This machine doesn't require operator intervention during the cycle, so it's easy to operate and safe to use. It comes programmed with many settings, that can customised depending your wrapping requirements

With forklift pickup points and adjustable bottom/top plastic wraps, this machine has all your pallet wrapping needs covered.

Application & Use

  • Plastic wrap machine for pallets, to save time and effort applying stretch wrap to palletised goods.
  • Place pallet on wheel, attach plastic wrap and press button.

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic wrap machine does not require operator intervention during the cycle.
  • Programmable wrap settings and one touch start.
  • Forklift pickup points.
  • Stretch friction controls.
  • Adjustable bottom/top plastic wraps


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