Hexarmour Gloves

SKU#: ZINQ_000058

Avoiding injuries from needles, nails, and other sharp metal objects is vital for any individual using their hands to perform tasks such as healthcare workers, technicians working with small parts that have an exposed cutting edge like scalpels. The Hexarmour Gloves are a needle proof, puncture resistant, cut resistant glove that is comfortable and stylish, and are made from a cotton blend shell with a rubberized palm coating to ensure grip.

Due to their elastic cuff, these gloves will comfortably fit any size hand or arm and are available in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate everyone's needs.

Application & Use

  • Industry standard glove for needle protection.
  • Needle proof gloves, puncture resistant, cut resistant.

Features & Benefits

  • Comfortable, cotton blend shell, wrinkle rubber palm coating.
  • Elastic cuff for a snug fit.
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes.


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