Banana Bunch Bags

SKU#: ZINQ_000026

In order to increase the lifespan of bananas, many farmers apply a number of methods to protect them from different pests and other damage that may decrease their yield. Banana Bunch Bags are one common protection method used by farmers in particular due to its effectiveness protecting your bananas from a variety of pests and damage.

The bags can be used to hold a bunch of bananas, keeping them safe from the harmful effects of the environment, including rain, wind, sun, birds, and flying foxes. They also help to extend shelf life by protecting bananas from rubbing against leaves sprayed with insecticides.

The banana bags come in different colors so you can easily tell which are ready for picking!

Application & Use

  • Banana bunch bags to protect bananas from sun, rain, wind, birds, flying foxes, etc.
  • Shield banana bunches from a variety of pests and environment damage to increase fruit yield.
  • Banana bags also protect fruit from rubbing on the leaves, which are generally sprayed with insecticides.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in different colors to show the ideal picking times for the fruit.


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