Corrugated Punnets

SKU#: ZINQ_000042

In the Australian marketplace, there is an increasing demand for sustainable packaging such as recycled and biodegradable packaging. Corrugated Punnets are becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers who want to be environmentally conscious.

Made from recycled paper, this appealing and lightweight option is designed to get your produce to customers in the best condition possible. With an appealing natural look and feel, these corrugated punnets are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

The eco-friendly design is perfect for a wide range of products, including food, cosmetics, and personal care items.

Images are for illustration purposes only. Need your own custom branding printed onto your Corrugated Punnets Enquire online today and our friendly Customer Service can provide a free quote for your packaging requirements. A variety of print finishes and options are available pending volume required.

Application & Use

  • Solid fibre punnets and trays - sustainable packaging solution for a wide range of products including fruit, vegetables or herbs, cosmetics and personal care items.

Features & Benefits

  • Appealing natural look and feel.
  • Removal of plastic.
  • Environmentally friendly, sustainable solution.
  • Widely recyclable.
  • Locally produced.
  • Customise cut outs for additional visibility and brand identification.
  • Easy to open / close.
  • Can be manual or automated through pack house.
  • Great for branding.


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