Solid Fibre Punnet And Trays

SKU#: ZINQ_000041

You're looking for a sustainable packaging solution that's also attractive, our Solid Fibre Punnet And Trays with natural look and feel are perfect for your fruit, vegetables or herbs. Made from recycled paper, these products are biodegradable and compostable, creating environmentally friendly, reusable packaging.

Punnets are a comprehensive solution for all your needs in the food and beverage industry: they ensure optimal protection, ease of use and maximum efficiency throughout production processes. Punnets are suitable to be used as an alternative to trays or cartons made out plastic.

These solid fibre punnets and trays are becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers who want to be environmentally conscious.

Images are for illustration purposes only. Need your own custom branding printed onto your Solid Fibre Punnet And Trays? Enquire online today and our friendly Customer Service can provide a free quote for your packaging requirements. A variety of print finishes and options are available pending volume required.

Application & Use

  • Solid fibre punnets and trays - sustainable packaging solution for fruit, vegetables or herbs.

Features & Benefits

  • Appealing natural look and feel.
  • Removal of plastic.
  • Environmentally friendly, sustainable solution.
  • Widely recyclable.
  • Locally produced.
  • Customise cut outs for additional visibility and brand identification.
  • Easy to open / close.
  • Can be manual or automated through pack house.
  • Great for branding.


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